Sustainable Business Practices and Corporate Responsibility
Respect for the environment, support for local communities and support of employees have been key initiatives for Myers Industries since 1939.  Myers Industries, and our portfolio of companies, incorporate sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility throughout all aspects of our operations.

Corporate Culture

Myers Industries is built on a foundation of quality, ethics, hard work and dedication which begins and ends with our people.

We believe in providing our employees a supportive work environment that fosters individual thinking and personal accountability.  We expect employees to be responsible not only for their personal success within the organization, but also for the success of the organization as a whole.

Community Involvement

At Myers Industries, we believe that sharing our success in the communities where we do business is key to community development.  With the help of our employees, we strive to create a positive impact on our communities, making them better places to live and work.
Myers community involvement can be any combination of financial contributions, leadership assistance, or employee volunteering in local civic and charitable organizations. 

Environmental Impact

Myers Industries has a long standing respect for the environment.  Today, we incorporate environmental consciousness into every aspect of our operation – from using recycled products in our lunch rooms and recycling office paper, to recycling and reprocessing plastic scrap in our factories, to taking steps to prevent water, air and land pollution by conserving energy whenever possible.
In January 2013, the Company instituted a Sustainability Committee to develop and oversee our long-term sustainable business practices.  The team is made up of leaders and employees from each location and is responsible for establishing key metrics, goals and reporting standards across
the company.

Sustainable Business Practices
In addition to our own environmental responsibility, we also encourage our customers to focus on sustainability by providing alternative solutions in manufacturing materials, transportation methods and product end-use.
Myers Industries, Inc. is an international manufacturer of polymer-based returnable packaging and storage and safety products.
Myers Industries, Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of tire repair and retread products in North America.
Everyone at Myers Industries believes in helping the local community. Each year, a group of Myers employees participates in the United Way of Summit County's Day of Action.