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Corporate Communications Road Trip Diary, Buckhorn Springfield

It has been awhile since the Corporate Communications team hit the road to visit one of our companies, but with the artic blasts and snowmageddons behind us we thought it was time to once again head out to see the sites. Next up on our tour of facilities – Buckhorn in Springfield, MO.
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Growth & Innovation Conference 2015

Every March, the Myers Industries marketing and engineering teams come together at our headquarters in Akron, Oh for the annual Growth & Innovation Conference.  Each year the topics of discussion are different, but they always revolve around how to grow the business and provide innovative products and services to the customers.  This year the conference focus was marketing.  To find out how marketing and innovation go hand and hand click to read more.
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Off-the-Road Tire Repair and Retread

OTR tires are very large and can be very costly.  In many cases it would be better for companies operating heavy equipment to have damaged or worn-out tires repaired or retreaded instead of investing in brand new tires.  Join the Myers Industries Corporate Communications Team as we spend the day learning about the dirty job of OTR tire repair and retreading.
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Building a New Corporate Website

In today’s fast paced digital world, new websites seem to pop-up overnight. But is that really the case? How long does it really take to develop and launch a new website? I guess that depends on who the new website is for, what functionality the sitewill have, how many pages it will be, and how much of a budget is available to invest.
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SCCS Annual Caregiver Party

A holiday tradition that has brought joy to many area children continued on December 13, 2014.  Summit County Children Services held their annual caregivers holiday parties, and Myers Industries’ employees were there to volunteer.
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Ameri-Kart Launches New Website

Ameri-Kart recently launched a new company website at www.ameri-kart.com, featuring their enhanced product search and online Recreational Vehicle (RV) product catalog, easy-to-navigate product categories for the marine and custom molding markets, and refreshed content and a new user interface.
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Myers Tire Supply, Patch Rubber, and Scepter Take on SEMA Show 2014

SEMA Show 2014 descended upon fabulous Las Vegas, NV during the first week of November and as always, Myers Tire Supply was there letting the world know why they’re still the industry experts in tire supply products… and so much more!
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Ameri-Kart and the 2014 IBEX Trade Show

Guest blog post by: 

Dany Meier, Sales & Marketing Rep for Ameri-Kart Corp.

The International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference, also known as IBEX, took place in Tampa, Florida from Sept. 30th- Oct. 2nd 2014 and getting there was quite a feat for the Ameri-Kart Marine sales team!

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Myers Milers: The 2014 Akron Marathon Relay Teams

Myers employees were challenged to once again #runtheblueline #runakron and participated in this year’s #akronmarathon, held on Saturday, September 27, 2014.
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2014 United Way Campaign

Myers Industries once again pulled out all of the stops to support The United Way of Summit County for their 2014 campaign, complete with games, prizes and a lot of delicious food!
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Corporate Communications Road Trip Diary, Ameri-Kart Bristol

Bright and early the morning of July 22nd my colleagues and I once again met in the parking lot of Myers Corporate to hit the road for another stop on our Myers Industries facility road trip. The day’s trip took us to Ameri-Kart in Bristol, IN, a short four-hour drive across Northwestern Ohio.
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Corporate Communications Road Trip Diary, Buckhorn Bluffton

On July 8, 2014 my colleagues and I hit the road at 7:00 am to make the three and half hour drive to our Buckhorn, Inc. facility in Bluffton, IN for a video and photo shoot. The drive out of Akron down 71 South was pretty uneventful, but somewhere along Route 30 in the middle of Ohio corn field flatness the ride got significantly more interesting, thanks to the torrential rain and wicked wind that I was trying to drive through at 70 miles per hour.
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Access and Myers Industries, Inc.

ACCESS is an organization dedicated to addressing the plight of homeless women and children in our community. The agency encourages the development of self-esteem and the attainment of self-sufficiency through its commitment of providing a holistic, safe and supportive environment, and through it’s programs of housing, advocacy and empowerment.
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New from Buckhorn! Intrepid 48" x 40" Specialty Bulk Box

Check out the new Intrepid 48″ x 40″ Specialty Bulk Box from Buckhorn, the perfect addition to an extensive offering in the food and distribution markets!
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Akro-Mils Dual-Purpose Hand Trucks Video

Check out this video on the Akro-Mils Dual-Purpose Hand Trucks! These trucks easily convert from a 40″ tall hand truck to a platform truck with a 37″ bed.
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New Product from Akro-Mils: The Multi-Load Tote

The Multi-Load Tote from Akro-Mils is a next-generation tote ideal for maximizing space in automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS).
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The Environmental Benefits of Tire Retreading

Want to learn more about the Environmental Benefits of Tire Retreading?
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