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Providing a superior selection of plastic flowerpots, nursery containers, decorative resin planters, seedling trays and more for professional greenhouse, nursery and retail garden center operations – from seed to sold!

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Containers to Grow Beautiful. Grow Profitable.
Our Dillen® and ITML® brands offer professional growers a full range of plastic flowerpots, hanging baskets, trays and innovative merchandising options to help their businesses increase efficiency, quality and profits.

Co-Extruded Thermoformed Pots • Hanging Baskets
Nursery Containers • Injection and Vacuum Flats & Trays
Custom Printing & Labeling

Selection, Service & Innovation to Grow On.
As the two leading Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group brands, Dillen and ITML are committed to the product selection, quality, service and delivery that keeps growing businesses growing.
Serving the professional greenhouse, nursery and retail garden center markets, Dillen and ITML are known for an unrivaled selection of containers and trays in injection, thermoformed, pressure formed and biodegradable styles. Continuous innovation, exceptional quality and customer care, are hallmarks of the Dillen and ITML brands.

Dillen and ITML are dedicated to environmentally responsible manufacturing.  In addition to sourcing sustainable eco-friendly materials, such as Coconut Coir (coconut husk) for Fiber Grow® products, the Lawn & Garden Group reprocesses plastic scrap into new containers. Our operations recycle more than 100 million pounds of plastic annually, a capability unlike any other manufacturer in the business, to close the loop on waste.
Major Product Lines:
Co-Extruded Thermoformed Pots
Thinwall Round & Square Pots
Hanging Baskets
Decorative Color Planters
Nursery Containers
Injection-Molded Flats, Trays & Plug Trays
Vacuum Formed Flats, Trays & Plug Trays
Propagation Sheets, Strips & Flats
Specialty Packs & Trays
Fiber Grow® Planters & Hanging Baskets
Coconut Coir Round Pots
Merchandising & Branding Programs:
Custom Offset Printing
Custom Adhesive Labeling
In-Mold Labeling
Custom Container Colors

Major Markets Served:
Greenhouse Growers
Nursery Growers
Grower Distributors
Retail Garden Centers | 1-800-225-7712
Nursery Containers for Growing Needs
The Pro Cal® product offering includes a wide range of sizes and styles of injection-molded, blow-molded and pressure-formed nursery containers.

Nursery Containers • Carrying Trays • Custom Printing

Innovation for the Nursery Grower!
Pro Cal nursery containers are designed to promote plant growth, protect plants during transport and provide superior packaging and merchandising programs.
As one of the Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group brands, Pro Cal is deeply committed to meeting the growing needs of the nursery industry through innovation, efficient service and on-time delivery.  Pro Cal joins its sister brands in the unique use of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, as well as development of biodegradable resins and ecologically responsible solutions for its customers.
Major Product Lines:
Pressure-Formed Nursery Containers
Injection-Molded Nursery Containers
Blow-Molded Nursery Containers
Carrying Trays
Custom Printing Services
Major Markets Served:
Nursery Growers
Grower Distributors | 1-800-225-7712
Alluring Decorative Resin Planters
Listo® decorative resin planters mirror the look, feel and craftsmanship of authentic clay pottery, but have been developed using the durability of lightweight resin.

Beautiful Planters.
Through unique finishing techniques such as embossing, texturing and aging, the classic lines and subtle curves help to create timeless designs, reflecting the varying lifestyles of consumers.
As a premier brand for decorative planters, Listo focuses on beauty, style, innovation and durability to meet both the retailer's and consumer's needs to create alluring displays of plants.
Major Product Lines:
Glaze Planters
Sierra Planters
Sevilla Planters
Sedona Elite Planters
Metallic Versailles Patina Planters
Major Markets Served:
Retail Garden Centers
Home Improvement Stores | 1-800-452-9070
Flowerpots for Everyday Appeal and Dependability
Durable planters with exceptional style and value are what customers consistently get when using Akro-Mils Lawn & Garden™ products.

Decorative Baskets • Window Boxes
Indoor/Outdoor Planters

Timeless Containers for Any Environment.
Created with natural colors and traditional designs, our product
selection offers innovative styles combined with an everyday look
and feel.
Akro-Mils Lawn & Garden consistently meets the customers' needs by providing a variety of quality indoor/outdoor planters and accessories, which add beauty and style to any location.
Major Product Lines:
Plastic Flower Planters
Hanging Baskets
Window Boxes
Garden Bowls
Fiber Grow® & Coconut Coir Pots
Stackable Planters
Grower Starter Pots
Watering Cans
Major Markets Served:
Retail Distributors
Retail Garden Centers
Home Improvement Stores
Mass Merchandisers | 1-800-452-9070
Everything You Need to Grow
Developed for the professional gardener, but simple enough for the at-home beginner, Planters’ Pride® environmentally friendly grower kits and accessories provide customers with all of the tools needed to grow a garden.

Seed Starting Kits • Transplant Pots & Trays
Fiber Grow® Coconut Coir Plantable Pots
Home Gardening Accessories • Growing Mix

Nuture Nature.
From seed starter kits to container gardening items, these sustainable products will create excitement for all types of gardeners.
Planters' Pride provides easy-to-use kits filled with environmentally friendly growing items. Products like Coconut Coir Pots, made from the husks of coconuts, are engaging to both retail garden centers and consumers alike who are seeking biodegradable and sustainable products.
Major Product Lines:
Grower & Seed Starter Kits
Coconut Coir Pellets
Seeding & Potting Mix • gel2root Pot Packs
Fiber Grow® Coconut Coir Plantable Pots
Major Markets Served:
Retail Distributors
Retail Garden Centers
Home Improvement Stores
Mass Merchandisers | 1-800-452-9070