Business Strategy & Goals
Myers Industries’ business strategy supports our long term strategic and financial goals of growing market share in the Material Handling and Distribution segments and driving shareholder value. 

We strive to:
  • Focus on markets that have strong, sustainable growth and profit potential
  • Invest within our growth platforms for value creation
  • Drive earnings growth faster than sales growth
  • Maintain a strong and flexible balance sheet
As a business, we work to continuously upgrade Myers’ performance through Disciplined Portfolio Management and Investment in Profitable Growth.

Material Handling Growth Platforms:
  • Returnable Packaging – Drive conversions to reusable products through further penetration of existing growth markets, new end markets and broader geographic reach
  • Storage & Safety Products – Further grow platform with acquisitions and strengthen competitive advantage through distribution channels
  • Specialty Molding – Expand our capabilities to further grow our positions in Marine and RV

Distribution Growth Platforms:
  • Tire Supply Distribution – Growth through market reach, innovative products and expanded global sourcing
  • Tire Repair & Retread Products – Leverage product and customer expertise to grow niche market
Akro-Mils Wadsworth Expansion
In 2015, as part of our ongoing strategy to grow business and strengthen our competitive advantage, Myers Industries’ company Akro-Mils focused on streamlining its plastics production operation from two facilities down to one.  The yearlong project included relocating 5 of 11 production presses from its Sandusky, Ohio plant to its Wadsworth, Ohio plant, and moving one press to sister company Buckhorn, Inc’s plant in Springfield, Mo.  The remaining machines were decommissioned.  This new operating model will increase Akro-Mils manufacturing efficiencies, decrease overhead and production costs, and support a streamlined distribution model moving forward.


Buckhorn is an industry-leading manufacturer of reusable bulk boxes, hand-held containers and plastic pallets.
Akro-Mils is a top supplier of plastic and metal storage, organization, transport and material handling products.
Ameri-Kart specializes in manufacturing fuel tanks and other plastic parts for the recreational vehicle (RV), marine and custom plastics markets.
Jamco Products
Jamco Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty steel carts and safety cabinets used across multiple markets.
Scepter is a leading manufacturer of portable plastic containers for marine, consumer and military applications.
Novel is a major producer of reusable plastic crates and industrial safety products serving growing markets of Brazil.
Myers do Brasil
Myers do Brasil supplies a broad range of plastic material handling products to the growing industries of Brazil.
Myers Tire Supply
Myers Tire Supply and Myers Tire Supply International are global distributors of tire repair and retread products for passenger car, truck and off-road vehicles.
Patch Rubber Products
Patch Rubber produces a broad line of passenger car, truck and off road tire repair and retread products.