Patch Rubber

Tire Repair Supplies and More

Patch Rubber produces the broadest product line of tire repair supplies in the U.S. for retreading and repairing passenger car, truck and off-road tires.

Service professionals rely on Patch Rubber's extensive product selection and quality manufacturing to perform safe, reliable and cost-effective tire repairs – from the smallest nail puncture in a passenger tire to large injuries in tires for construction and mining vehicles.

Major Product Lines:
  • Tire Repair Plugs
  • Tire Repair Patches
  • Repair Cement Cleaner Fluid
  • Bead Sealer
  • Repair Sealer
  • Tube Patches
  • Cushion, Tread, Innerliner & Fiber Gum
  • Extruder & Tread Rope
  • Retread Cements
  • ATM Removable Construction Tape
  • ATM Permanent Construction Tape
  • ATM Rumble Strips
  • ATM Highway Symbols
  • ATM Facilities Marking Tapes

Major Markets Served:
  • Construction
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications
  • Tire Dealers / Tire Repair

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Patch Rubber manufactures a complete line of tire & tube repair materials for any size injury, from pinhole repairs in tubes to complete section repairs in OTR tires.
A complete line of permanent and removable tapes, symbols and specialty markings for marking pavement. The products are bright, durable and easy to install.