Plastic Fuel Tanks and More

Scepter is a leading producer of portable plastic fuel tanks and water containers, portable marine fuel containers, ammunition containers, storage totes, shipping containers and beverage crates.

Most notably, Scepter’s patented "Flo n' go" gas pump is designed to eliminate spillage and overfills through pump handle control, allowing the operator to stop and restart the flow of gas.

Major Product Lines:
  • Marine Remote Outboard Fuel Tanks
  • Marine Jerry Cans
  • Marine Fittings
  • Military Ammunition Packaging
  • Military Fuel Container
  • Military Water Containers
  • Consumer Fuel Containers
  • Consumer Storage Containers
  • Industrial Shipping Containers
  • Industrial Storage Containers
  • Food and Beverage Crates

Major Markets Served:
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail

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Scepter was the first provider of Jerry Cans in North America, offering safe, reliable transportation and storage of fuel for the consumer market. In addition Scepter played a key role in converting the marine industry from traditional metal cans to HDPE outboard fuel tanks.
Scepter manufactures a wide variety of molded products for military and civilian applications. From high quality containers designed to safely store and transport large caliber ammunition, to military specification portable fuel and water canisters and their accessories.