In late 2020, we unveiled a long-term vision that sets the Company on a clear path toward achieving our strategic objective – transforming our Material Handling Segment into a high-growth, customer-centric innovator of engineered plastic solutions while continuing to optimize and grow our Distribution Segment.
This ambitious vision consists of three distinct horizons. Each horizon outlines specific actions to drive profitable revenue growth while advancing a “One Myers” culture and mindset. As One Myers, we will offer solutions that incorporate all of our current molding capabilities: rotational molding, blow molding, injection molding and thermoforming. Having this full set of capabilities is a differentiator in the market.

In our first phase, Horizon One, we’re focused on strengthening the Company through organic growth initiatives, commercial and operational excellence, pursuing bolt-on acquisitions in plastics molding and driving a high-performing culture. The vision’s second horizon, planned for 2023-2026, looks to expand our M&A focus to include larger, enterprise deals. The third phase, set for 2026-2029, aims to grow the Company through international acquisitions.

Four simple and clear pillars – organic growth, strategic M&A, operational excellence, and high-performing culture – will drive the execution of our strategy. These pillars each have executive oversight, are the cornerstones of Myers’ transformation and will ensure we successfully deliver the goals and objectives of Horizon One.

Our Company’s future is bright. We have excellent technologies and products on the Material Handling side, we possess deep industry knowledge and experience as well as a strong foundation on the Distribution side, and we have a solid strategy for profitable growth. We are well positioned to create and deliver significant shareholder value in the coming years.