Corporate Responsibility

Our approach to corporate responsibility is grounded in our commitment to the environment, to protecting our employees and the communities where we operate and to good corporate governance practices which directly impact our performance and value.

In 2019, the Company instituted a Sustainability Committee to develop and oversee our long-term sustainable business practices. The team is responsible for establishing key metrics, goals and reporting standards across the Company. We made progress in 2020 in several key areas, including instituting our Supplier Code of Conduct, enhancing our chemical tracking system, establishing a Human Rights Policy, and continuously improving our employee health, safety and wellness efforts, including protecting our team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to enhance and track the sustainability benefits of our products. The plastic containers that we manufacture are reusable, and, at the end of their service life, they can be recovered, recycled, and reprocessed into new products. We are also implementing a company-wide program to track the amount of recycled and regrind raw materials used in our manufacturing process. To further demonstrate our commitment to waste reduction and recycling, we have joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

In 2020, the Company announced and is actively executing its strategy to transform into a high-growth, customer-centric innovator of engineered plastics solutions, while advancing a “One Myers” culture and mindset. Our alignment as One Myers through the continued standardization of processes and procedures will create greater synergy across our businesses and unlock greater value for our employees, customers and other key stakeholders. It will also provide enhanced transparency about the ways in which the Company integrates sustainability and social responsibility into what we do.

Our goal in 2021 is to apply tools for consistent implementation, measurement, and benchmarking of our environmental and social policies, programs, and disclosures. We believe this will enable us to better demonstrate and communicate our commitment to continuous improvement in these areas.


Environmental Responsibility

Our Products

We manufacture reusable plastic containers that are used repeatedly during the course of their service life. At the end of their service life, these highly sustainable products can be recovered, recycled, and reprocessed into new products.

  • Our plastic bulk containers replace single-use and expendable packaging, reducing waste and improving sustainability.
  • We focus on opportunities to utilize raw materials that are better for our environment, including recovering scrap and recycling plastics.
  • We manufacture numerous products that require no packaging to ship and we continue to focus on ways to decrease packaging from our other products.
  • As part of our One Myers culture and mindset, we are implementing a uniform, company-wide methodology for calculating the amount of recycled and regrind raw materials used in our manufacturing process so that we have a consistent baseline for measuring improvement.
  • In 2020, we joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a global nonprofit organization committed to investing in solutions that help eliminate plastic waste in the environment.
  • In 2021, we plan to fully implement our online safety data sheet system for tracking of chemicals across the organization.

Energy Efficiency

We employ an asset-light business model that requires fewer pieces of energy-dependent equipment in our facilities and use equipment upgrades as an opportunity to be more energy efficient.

  • In 2021, we have engaged an energy consultant to evaluate energy usage across our businesses. We anticipate using this information as a baseline for benchmarking and reducing energy usage.


Social Responsibility


We seek to provide an environment that is open, transparent, and diverse, where our employees feel valued, included, and accountable.
  • We continuously strive to improve the factors that drive employee engagement and satisfaction within our organization, as we believe that an engaged and enthusiastic workforce is the key to achieving our strategic goals.
    • In 2020, for the second year in a row, we completed an engagement survey with all of our employees and conducted employee feedback sessions to better understand the results – 89% of employees participated.
    • In response to the 2019 employee engagement survey, we implemented an employee rewards and recognition software platform focused on improving employee connection and collaboration. In 2020, more than 33,000 recognitions were sent through the platform to show appreciation for fellow co-workers.


Our number one focus is the safety of our employees and communities.

  • Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero workplace injuries though a continued focus on our core safety programs, which include:
    • Creating and Sustaining a Positive Safety Culture through top management support, which includes the Myers Environmental Health & Safety Policy and Principles as well as business-level policies; and employee engagement programs such as our Corporate Safety Committee, location-specific safety committees, and engagement survey safety questions and feedback loop.
    • Implementing Health and Safety Management Systems to identify and address hazards, which include cutting tool and laceration prevention, our ergonomics improvement process, training for first responders and AEDs at all major locations, incident investigation and root cause analysis, control of hazardous energy, and machine guarding, among others.
    • Focusing on Upstream Behaviors through the use of plant safety audits and observations, new-hire safety orientation, ongoing safety training and communication, positive feedback to encourage safe behavior, and plant safety celebrations.
  • Our total recordable incident rate in 2020 remained well below the industry average.
  • In 2020, as part of our One Myers culture and mindset, we re-engaged our Corporate Safety Committee, which held five meetings, and published 16 new or updated, company-wide policies in areas such as cutting tools and laceration prevention, ergonomics, and heat stress.
  • At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we took multiple measures to promote safety in our facilities and protect our team members so that we could continue to provide our customers with the essential products they require. Those measures included:
    • Physical distancing protocols on our plant floors and office spaces;
    • Work from home protocols;
    • Enhanced hygiene, cleaning, and sanitizing protocols;
    • Providing personal protective equipment to our team members and care packages including 20,000 cloth face masks, 4,200 disinfectant wipes; and 2,100 thermometers;
    • Visitor and travel restrictions and cancellation of in-person meetings;
    • Standard investigation, disinfection, and return-to-work protocols following positive cases;
    • Paid time off during periods of quarantine, isolation and illness;
    • Paid testing for employees; and
    • Frequent communication to employees, including CEO town halls

Community Involvement

We are committed to serving the communities where we operate. By contributing financially and through volunteer work, we strive to help build stronger communities and create a better environment for our employees, our customers, and the general public. The primary focus areas for our charitable contribution program include education and youth development, community and civic development, health and social services, and environmental efforts. We offer several programs to encourage employees to positively impact our communities, including a Company matching gift program and Company-provided days off for employee volunteering.

Corporate Governance

We believe good corporate governance is at the heart of running a successful organization. It improves performance and promotes trust with our key stakeholders.

  • We took a number of steps in 2020 and early 2021:
    • Updated policies to reflect how we conduct business:
      • Created a standalone Foreign Corrupt Practices Act policy, with acknowledgements signed by employees who interact with suppliers/customers;
      • Upgraded our hotline system to allow for web-based reporting and provided contact details to our employees in six languages;
      • Updated our Code of Business Conduct to cover the update to our hotline; and
      • Implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct and a Human Rights Policy, and posted them in the Corporate Responsibility section of our website.
    • Updated our Board Committee charters to reflect current responsibilities:
      • Updated our Compensation Committee charter to change the committee name to the Compensation and Management Development Committee, adding responsibilities to the committee to include oversight of the company’s leadership development and executive long-term and emergency succession planning and make recommendations to the Board relating to the election of company executive officers.
    • Refreshed our Board and updated timing around notices for shareholder proposals and proxy access:
      • Amended Sections 11 and 12 of Article I of the Regulations to revise the periods during which advance notice of certain shareholder proposals and certain shareholder nominations of directors must be provided in connection with annual and certain special meetings of shareholders;
      • Added Section 13 to Article I of the Regulations to include proxy access provisions for certain shareholder nominations of directors; and
      • Engaged in Board refreshment, appointing two new directors in February 2021 and nominating one additional director for election in the proxy, which also enhanced the diversity on our Board.
    • In 2021, we amended our Articles of Incorporation:
      • At our 2021 Annual Meeting, shareholders approved a proposal to amend Article VII of the Company’s Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation to require that directors be elected by a majority of votes cast in uncontested elections, and to approve a proposal to amend Article VII of the Articles to provide that all matters subject to shareholder approval may be approved by a majority of the voting power of the Company.